Dollar and a Dream

My first week at Cellulant (starting January 2018) taught me two things about greatness. The first is that greatness can walk into the office in jeans and sneakers on a Monday morning. The second is that greatness is found in those who take the time to bring out the greatness in others. #lifeatcellulant

Delivering on the Impossible

The mission brief was clear: one multi-lingual, multi-currency, cross-platform app for Africa in 90-days! Ecobank was clear in their mission and we knew that no one would deliver the job better than us. After all, we delivered the eWallet for the Growth Enhancement Scheme in Liberia in 3 months so why couldn’t we deliver a…

Mobile Commerce Transforming African Economies At Scale

At the market opening on March 31, the London Stock Exchange (LSE) launched a report featuring “Companies to Inspire Africa”.  Roughly 50% of the companies featured in the report for propelling growth in the continent are in the Financial Services and Technology/Telecoms sectors. According to the report, in almost 10 years, there has been a…

How to Be a Rebel and Build a Business at the Same Time

For me, it was never about the money. Rather the ability that you could, almost from a blank sheet, create and build something, just out of your own mind and out of your own thought and shape it into whatever it could become.

Women Powering Financial Technology in Africa

Women who have succeeded and the men who have a role to play in helping women succeed have to speak loud and firm – we must give our women the space, support and freedom to grow to their fullest potential. The idea that a “woman can only go so far” is not going to help us grow to our fullest potential as a country.

Meet Bright, Our Head of Information and Risk

Within 2 years, 2 of our staff members proudly made the top 40 under 40 men 2016. Do you want to be challenged to rise to become the best of the best?