Working with our Communities to Create Impact

IMG_9962Felix Nthigah, MD of Cellulant Kenya, and his team have partnered with Consolata Shrines Parish in support of the construction of the Allamano Center. The facility, which includes expansion of the existing parking lot for members of the public, will improve the quality and technology of the church and the community at large 

Consolata Shrine is home to Consolata schools which are part of thousands of schools run by the church in the country. The Catholic Church in Kenya runs about 7,740 primary and secondary schools, representing 31 per cent of all schools in the country. Over the years, Catholic schools, both private and sponsored public, have curved a niche for themselves as top performers in academic work and character formation.

“We are coming together to improve the community by supporting the building of a good and modern space that will help communities for generations to come,”  Felix stated during the prize-giving of a golf-tournament that was held as part of the fundraising activities. 

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