Dollar and a Dream

adobestock_80846001.jpegMy journey to Cellulant has been like a weird love story. You know how boy meets girl, boy falls madly in love with the girl, the boy tries to talk to girl, the girl friend zones him, boy insists on getting the girl, the girl friend zones him some more then eventually the girl finally picks up his call, still in the friend zone but all the while he keeps chasing her because he knows that she’s the best thing for him (and because her greatness keeps calling onto him…)


When I first walked into Cellulant I was a guest at the #NextGenTech event and true to my Kenyan nature I arrived fashionably late. I was greeted by the ever-ebullient staff and made my way into the “Make Possible” universe. I expected a small gathering, in a small room with one or two speakers but what I experienced was completely different. The event was hosted by Bright Gameli and from start to finish I experienced the Cellulant Spirit of excellence. Later that night I left with an aspiration to work at Cellulant someday.

True to this, I almost immediately went out of my way to get a place in Cellulant. This may have involved several calls to an unsuspecting CTO at odd hours of the day. I remember meeting the CTO, for the first time, on the day I went for the interview, he said, “In Cellulant, persistence is the first step to success…”

My first week at Cellulant (starting January 2018) taught me two things about greatness. The first is that greatness can walk into the office in jeans and sneakers on a Monday morning. Surprisingly, this was true for just about everyone I met on the first day. The second is that greatness is found in those who take the time to bring out the greatness in others. This was perhaps the most shocking and endearing thing about the company and the tech department to be precise.


When you first walk into Cellulant you get the feeling that something special is happening. It’s a billion-dollar company in the making. It’s a powerhouse full of amazing people, with brilliant ideas working on the coolest stuff that translates to creating a mark in the digital payments space in Africa. Make possible isn’t just a slogan, it’s a way of life at Cellulant.

ken mumo pic

From the engineers to the non-tech staff everyone believes that they are part of something bigger. We all work towards the billion-dollar dream. We are all Africa’s children that are going to make products by Africans, for Africans that will make mama Africa proud.”

Author: Kennedy Mumo (a Student at Strathmore University currently doing internship at Cellulant)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow,such an amazing piece


  2. Macmuiruri says:

    Nice Piece Mumo! The topic, brilliant!!


  3. Anonymous says:

    This is an amazing post. I like the imagery and the poetic comparison.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant piece right there. I love the intro


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