Hi, I’m the New Rookie

New experiences can be pretty scary, especially those of the adulting kind, my first stint at temporary employment in the corporate world was not any different. I joined the Digital Team in late August 2017 as a temp, to undertake the digitization of the Music Department’s contracts. Despite my earlier fears, I found that working at Cellulant was greater than I could have imagined, this may or may not be because I had chicken for lunch on my first day here.

Though my tasks required me to work in relative isolation, this did not prevent my colleagues from stopping by my working area to greet me, or inquire about the progress I had been making. As a newbie in an environment where everyone seemed to have more or less already established a relationship, the amiability and camaraderie with which Cellulant staff embraced me warmed my heart.

With each day that passed, I eased into my new role and being surrounded by such smart, driven, goal oriented people pushed me to do my best at my job, with the hope that I would eventually transition into a more permanent position within the company. Those that know me would argue that my desire to continue at Cellulant was largely influenced by the amazing food I get to eat every day; that however, would be sorely untrue.

One of the things I am most appreciative of about Cellulant, is its ability to give students like me the chance to grow their character and skills, giving them a head start in their career development and placing them far ahead of their peers not forgetting the weekly meal plan which is not so common in many work places. I would most definitely recommend Cellulant to other students seeking internship for the kind of learning experience I had from some of the most self driven individuals I have met. 


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