Cellulant Selected as First Sub-Saharan Africa Company in the Endeavor Global Entrepreneurs Network

829bdb96-d011-403e-917e-c4b77d2e665c-originalCellulant, alongside gCEO Ken Njoroge, was selected as the first high-impact Sub-Saharan Africa company by Endeavor during their 72nd International Selection Panel (ISP) held in Beirut, Lebanon on June 24-26, 2017.

A mobile commerce evangelist, Ken is a career entrepreneur having previously served as co-founder and Solution Design Director of 3Mice Interactive Media. 3-mice grew from a two-man team to a leading web development firm in East Africa; later acquired by Africa Online, the largest Pan-African Internet Service Provider.  As Cellulant’s gCEO, Ken has led the company from an idea, he and his co-founder Bolaji Akinboro sketched on a serviette in 2003, to a reputable mobile commerce company in Africa employing more than 300 people in 12 markets.

“I have found Endeavour to be a well thought-through structure and fully dedicated to the mission of investing in impactful businesses. Throughout the process, I have found the greatest value in the network support that has been availed to me. I have met thought leaders in the payments space who have served as a sounding board.” said Ken Njoroge. “As an Endeavor entrepreneur, my commitment is not only to grow the team at Cellulant through the opportunities that Endeavor offers, but to continue mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs in the Africa as they grow their businesses.”

Today, under Ken’s leadership Cellulant is established as a leading Fintech company operating a one-stop payments ecosystem in Africa. Cellulant’s mission is to digitize payments for Africa’s largest economies. To date, the company’s has coverage of 50% of the banks in Africa with 12% of Africa’s banked population paying through Cellulant’s ecosystem. In Nigeria, Cellulant runs the largest mobile payments network with 15% of Africa’s unbanked population of farmers using Cellulant’s eWallet to access government subsidies and payment services.

Endeavor, a leading high-impact entrepreneurship movement around the world, supports organizations to have prime opportunities for growth. Through a rigorous, multi-step selection process, Endeavor annually screens thousands of entrepreneurs from around the world to identify those with the best talent and potential for impact.

On the selection, Managing Director for Endeavor Kenya said, “We are very thrilled to welcome Ken to the Endeavor network after a rigorous, highly competitive and intense selection process. His selection as the first Endeavor Kenya entrepreneur is truly a testament to the growth and huge potential of our entrepreneurial ecosystem. He has demonstrated his ability as a young entrepreneur to build an impressive business that has a strong brand in Kenya and the larger African market. Through Endeavor, Ken will be able to multiply his impact as the role model Kenya needs to spur its future entrepreneurial growth. We look forward to working with Ken and his team at Cellulant to further scale their expansion into new markets and supporting their efforts in transforming lives through promoting financial inclusion in Africa.”

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