*tingg- A new kind of banking

Some stories are best told with words, while others, like the one of the neighbourhood bankers in their red uniform and  red boxes, taking over the financial landscape for the underbanked and the unbanked people of Nigeria are better expressed with a map.

This is the “mapified” story of how Cellulant Nigeria in collaboration with Nigeria’s Local Governments and financial institutions is paving the way and closing the financial services access gap in Nigeria through the Tingg Neighborhood Bankers, starting from Adamawa.

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The Tingg Neighbourhood Bankers are steadily spreading across Adamawa State with an evolving trend to decongest ATM and ease people access to financial services. At a Tingg Neighborhood Banker Service point (Tingg NBS), customers can open a wallet account from which they can save, send and receive money, make payments.

The Tingg NBS network was deployed in the beginning of June 2017, with the collaboration of the Adamawa State Government which is really keen to support innovative solutions that serve financial inclusion and economic activities in the state. About fourty – three (43) jobs have been created since the service points were launched.

Tingg is a payment solution that enables people to make and collect digital payment, send and receive money at a low cost, using various channels : App, USSD (*360#), SMS, Web and finally the Tingg Neighbourhood Banker Service points where all the Tingg services can be found and consumed.

Tingg is a product of Cellulant Nigeria Ltd, a payment company licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

At Cellulant, We want to be the ecosystem that connects everyone to everything, everywhere, everyday, all the time.

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